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For many years only the large chain stores could offer their customers plastic gift cards because they were the only ones who could afford the $2000 minimum purchase from the banks. Now that the banks aren’t the only ones offering POS systems, the gift card market has become attainable for the average retailer. With technological advancement, the clunky, old POS debit/credit machines are a thing of the past.  Now you can cash out your customers using debit, credit, gift cards and so much more on our new “smartPhone”!   See more detail here


New “smartPhone”

If you already have a “Clover”, you are not eligible. The intent is to acquire a pos, like a smartPhone, that will allow apps to be operated within this new environment.  Your “Clover” offer can be found here. Mention our post card and get a 50% discount.

Assuming you do not have a “smartPhone” debit machine you will receive for your retail business, at no cost, 100 custom, (with pic of your store) PVC (Plastic) gift cards. Gift cards give your customers the opportunity to share their favourite restaurants and shops when they need gift ideas. Patrons also purchased gift cards to support local businesses during the pandemic so they would still be open when the lockdowns lifted. Those who didn’t offer gift cards probably wish they had! 

The app “Factor4” on your smartPhone will act as the “bank” at $17 per month. This app is one of many that can be used. You are not required to cancel or leave your current provider, as you can have two merchant accounts at the same time. However if you are looking for a new POS or a better deal we are happy to help. This new  smartPhone unit needs to have $25 per month of payments processed. So give this unit to the girl serving the patio or such. The costs to acquire a “smartPhone” debit machine are here.

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100 Free Gift Card – How it works

Attached is a sample of the plastic gift card you could be offering your customers. 

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